How to advertise in isolation

You’re probably reading this in your pyjamas, while working from home.

As we enter a period of self isolation there will be more TV, VOD and online content being consumed than ever before.

In this article, we are going to outline key production processes to create engaging advertising and content during this time. All methods will be focused on remote working and cost saving production techniques to support your brand and business.

While this climate is new to us in the UK, our global clients such as Ben & Jerry’s Asia have been working with us throughout their period in isolation. The quality and speed at which we have been able to produce effective marketing content for them has not been hindered despite the situation.

With the right experience and expertise, making content to support your business is much more straightforward than you might think. Finding creative opportunities in content production and creative thinking without a face to face meeting is entirely possible. Here’s how.

1. Repurposing Existing Assets

With careful thought, taking existing photography and/or video and re-imagining the content using design, editing, new audio, a voice over and motion graphics allows us to create completely fresh and engaging content. Here’s a few examples where we have done this:

Diageo TV commercial:

Using only existing footage we created an engaging and broadcast ready TVC with editing, motion graphics and fresh music.

Johnnie Walker:

Creating engaging content for social media using existing footage that Johnnie Walker deemed to be dated and dull. Using motion graphics and editing we created a series of ads better suited to the social media channels.

A smart approach to creating content using existing assets is something we’ve done for years at Rascal, we call it ‘Motion Marketing’.

Motion Marketing

It was a model invented to provide greater value when producing commercials for our clients. Taking the hero film / animation and creating multiple cut-downs across different social media platforms.

What’s great (and probably most appealing given the situation) is this can be done completely remotely! Re-inventing existing content, when done right, can be incredibly effective.

To see what we could do with your existing materials, please request a video call with our team and creative director for further advice here.


2. Stock

Being creative with photography and video from stock sites can produce great results. Our team of producers and directors have extensive experience scouring the internet for only the best stock material, editing it together with audio and VFX to give a premium and cinematic finish.

Here you can see our film, created for Cannon using stock footage and a smart voice over.


3. Animation and motion graphics

Via Rascal productions we represent a roster of signed digital artists of different styles, collectively delivering projects including: Google, RedBull, New Balance, Samsung and Costa.

Animating from scratch, building life-like 3D models and engaging motion graphics, whilst working remotely; we facilitate everything from initial concepts and script writing, through to storyboarding and final delivery.

For HP Asia we produced 3D animations to launch their new laptop at the world famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo.

In summary, it’s business as usual here at Rascal and we endeavour to support our clients in reaching their customers at this crucial time.

So, if you’re looking to promote your home delivery service, streamline your online shopping process or send out a message with engaging video content, we’re here to help.

Book a video call with our Creative Director and team to see what we can do for you>