Product Film

Feel your homes every move.
Bringing a human touch to the launch of a complex home motion detection product.

The Concept

After a competitive pitch process, the concept and scripts were developed to bring the benefits of a cold and potentially complex motion detection product to life with heart and a human touch. The line ‘feel your homes every move’ was created as the product uses the wifi waves emitted throughout your home to track any motion and send details reports to the homeowners app. By ‘feeling’ your home, rather than ‘seeing’ is not only accurate to how the product works, allowing privacy where cameras don’t but it also amplifies a message of ‘feeling safe’, as every home should.

A Heartwarming Story

The concept follows a mischievous but heartwarming story of a little girl’s fascination with ninjas and a father’s ability to protect her thanks to the help of motion detection. As well as the launch commercial, a series of short product demos were also created for online use to better explain the details of the product functionality.


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