Top 10 Xmas Ad’s 2018


It’s that time of the year again when the UK’s top brands and retailers compete for the spotlight to bring us the most impactful, tear-provoking and comical Christmas adverts yet. This year has seen it all, from magical snowmen and teddy bears to talking carrots, but which do we like the best?

01 | JOHN LEWIS – The Boy and the Piano


John Lewis’ advert tells the story of how the gift of a piano has altered and influenced the course of a little boy’s life, this boy turning out to be Elton John. Beautifully shot and containing a message about the importance of childhood, how could we not like this ad when it bears so much resemblance to the work of our very own creative director, launched back in 2016…

The gift of a wooden piano and it’s exciting influences on a child’s life. Seem familiar?

02 | SAINBURY’S – The Big Night

One of our favourites has to be the Sainsbury’s advert, which depicts an eight-year-old girl delivering a show stopping performance at her school’s Christmas show. Watching her grow from a shy little girl filled with nerves to star of the show, accompanied by a cast of kids adorned in crazy Christmas costumes, makes for an uplifting and heart-warming advert.

03 | HEATHROW AIRPORT – the Heathrow Bears Return

The bears are back! After their debut in 2016, the Heathrow teddy bears have returned to portray their touching story of an elderly bear couple who make the long journey from their retirement in Florida back to the UK to surprise their family for Christmas. What’s not to like?

04 | BARBOUR – Maybe just maybe

Barbour’s Christmas advert brings the “The Snowman” alive in a celebration of 40 years of Raymond Briggs beloved children’s novel. A young girl building a snowman that resembles the one illustrated in Briggs’ book, insistently waits for it to come to life and we can’t help hoping it will too. This ad instils the exciting possibility that anything can happen.

05 | ICELAND – Say hello to Rang-tan

Used to publicise the damaging effects of palm oil plantations on rainforests and wildlife, Iceland’s ad is one of the most talked about this year. Deemed ‘too political’, it’s TV ban only contributed to Iceland’s publicity which has now led to wide-scale discussions about palm oil sustainability. It is not the most Christmassy of adverts, but definitely gains points for being one of the most meaningful and shocking.

06 | BOOTS: Gifts that get them

Boot’s Christmas advert tugs at our heart strings this year, showing the bond between a mother and daughter. Slightly strained at times, the relationship between them is relatable for many of us and the endearing display of love by the daughter at the end shows how much a small gesture can mean to somebody.

07 | ALDI – Kevin the Carrot

The tales of Kevin the Carrot return this year, as Aldi release a series of Christmas ads focusing on Kevin and his carrot family. A spoof of Coca Cola in one advert and a battle against a wicked parsnip in another, grips and compels us to continue following Kevin’s adventure.

08 | CURRY’S – The magic of Christmas Upgraded

Curry’s have imaginatively placed the latest technology into a Dickensian Christmas to bring us an amusing and slightly whimsical advert. We like the underlying message that traditions and technology can complement each other and are not mutually exclusive.

09 | TESCO – Everyone’s Welcome

Although not quite as impactful as some of the previously mentioned adverts, Tesco’s Christmas ad this year has something for everybody. Displaying the uniqueness and amusement of family traditions, everybody can relate to this in one way or another.

10 | VERY – Find their Gift

Very’s Christmas advert demonstrates how a meaningful gift can be so much more to a child and inspire them to find their own gifts, a similar tone to John Lewis’s campaign. We like that it’s a little more relatable than John Lewis’ advert and also has an underlying message that encourages female involvement in STEM subjects.