Product Launch

Where will you work?
To launch the new powerful and light Dragonfly laptop from HP, a multi-channel campaign was created to run across all of Asia.

The Brief

To engage creators and designers who need a powerful and agile laptop, allowing them to work on the go and follow their inspiration. The concept of ‘where will you work?’ was invented to re-imagine the office environment. Thanks to the Dragonfly from HP, we no longer have to be restricted to 4 walls and a desk but are free to work anywhere, anytime. To play on the idea of ‘re-imagining’ the office, we used a surreal film style, as if thinking-up inspiring new offices in the world’s most extreme locations.

Social Content

A social competition invited users to win a week in one of our unique offices somewhere in the world, complete with HP Dragonfly laptops of course. To win, users had to guess the location by inputting coordinates into the comment box. The closest coordinates would win the prize.

Shibuya Crossing

Big in Japan

As part of the multi-channel campaign a simple but impactful 3D animation was created for use across 5 screens at the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo. Behind the scenes footage was also shot featuring the product launch and influencers from across the world.


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