Ben & Jerry's

Product Launch

Bursting with peace, love and ice cream.
Launching 5 new flavours across Korea with charming stop-motion and loads of tasty ingredients.

The Concept

‘Bursting’ with the good stuff, our ads show each new flavour of ice cream exploding out and into the sky for a macro detail food porn moment, providing maximum taste appeal and landing the unique ingredients.

Ben and Jerry's Korea Launch

Stop Motion Animation

Using stop motion animation, each flavour had a pop-up book style scene made by a BAFTA winning paper engineer to dial up the individual flavour cues. Due to lockdown restrictions the food filming was swapped for animation where by animating existing ingredient photography a sense of slow motion filming was created. Over 20 iterations of the films were created, allowing for all social content ratios, as well as product range films and solo flavours.