‘It’s what’s inside that counts’

Pushing Beyond Your Limits.
Shifting Maximuscle's audience brand perception across its core product categories.

The Brief

We were able to evolve the Maximuscle brand perception with their target consumer groups with the focus shift towards the benefits of Maximuscle products for a range of fitness goals and as part of a day-to-day healthier lifestyle; as well as the heavyweight muscle-building audience where the brand is already dominant. We evolved the Maximuscle audiences’ perception of the brand, positioning them as an integral part of a day-to-day healthier lifestyle. We did this by shifting the focus towards the benefits of a wide range of fitness goals and as part of a generally healthy lifestyle but keeping the heavyweight muscle-building audience where the brand is already dominant.

The Concept

The concept behind the video was to work with their professional athlete brand ambassadors to build on the campaign ‘It’s what’s inside that counts’. Working collaboratively with the client - our in-house production team cast, filmed, produced, and edited a hero film and 5 cut down films to distribute across all digital and organic channels. Starting inside the protein powder, the athletes show their strength and effectiveness of the protein. Panning out to a ‘regular’ person in the gym mirroring this power. Pushing a few extra reps.

The Result

Leading with a new proposition, ‘products you can trust, results you can believe in’, Rascal highlighted Maximuscle’s cleaner product formulations and high-quality ingredients. The campaign will be spearheaded with a new tagline: ‘It’s what’s inside that counts’– dropping in the market from this month. For more information about Rascal’s services, contact

It's What's Inside That Counts.

It’s what’s inside that counts’ was conceived from Maximuscle using the best and real ingredients across their product line – to get the most out of your workout. To generate quick wins and long-term growth, we created a campaign that utilised out-of-home, digital, content and paid ad strategies. As part of the overall campaign, we built on their current brand

guidelines to ensure that they were correctly positioned to their larger target audience, looking at the tone of voice, typography, colours, and brand assets.


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